Drug Lawsuit Attorney Case Types

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

For over 30 years, service members, their families, and other civilians living and working at Camp Lejeune were potentially exposed to contaminated drinking water. Camp Lejeune is the largest Marine Corps base on the East Coast, located in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

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Talcum Powder Side Effects

Using talcum powder for feminine hygiene may increase the risk of ovarian cancer by as much as 33%, some studies report. Johnson & Johnson faces more than 3,000 lawsuits for its baby powder products which women allege caused their ovarian cancer.

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Roundup Lawsuit

Roundup and its key ingredient, glyphosate, have been linked to several types of cancer, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), b-cell lymphoma and leukemia. As a result, thousands of people have filed lawsuits claiming the popular weed killer caused them to develop cancer.

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Hair Straightening Products

Chemicals used in hair relaxers straighten hair by altering the structure of the protein components of the hair shaft. These chemicals are found in a range of consumer hair straightening products including shampoos, conditioners, sprays, gels, and moisturizers.

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Paraquat, also referred to as paraquat dichloride, was registered as an herbicide in the United States in 1964. Its primary use is to control grass and weeds in many agriculture and non-agriculture sites. Many farmers also apply the herbicide pre-harvest on some crops. Plants that have become resistant to Roundup and other glyphosate-containing weed killers are popular targets.

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Baby Formula and NEC

Cow’s milk-based infant formula, a staple of the diet of newborns from birth to age six months, has received recent scrutiny due to the development of gastrointestinal conditions such as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Cases appear among preterm newborns who are provided with this form of nutrition. NEC is a serious bacterial infection that can develop in the gastrointestinal system of newborn infants.

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PFAS Contamination

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of compounds that are the current subject of some scrutiny due to having “been linked to many harmful health effects, including cancer,” per a systemic evidence review conducted by Pelch et al. This study also ranks PFAS as a “serious global health threat.”

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Exactech Product Liability Cases

Arthroplasty has become one of the most performed and successful surgeries in recent times. The frequency with which this procedure is performed has steadily increased over time, as has the variety of manufactured prosthetic products used. These products serve a specific function, designed with the intention to work synergistically to replace the intended joint (hip, knee, ankle) successfully and for a long duration, complication-free.

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Asbestos is a mineral group that occurs naturally as fiber bundles. These fibers can be found in soil and rocks all around the planet. They are mostly composed of silicon and oxygen, but other elements are present. Asbestos is classified into two types: Chrysotile and amphibole. Both of which have been linked with cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society goes as far as to say that “there is no ‘safe’ type of asbestos in terms of lung cancer risk.”

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A Zantac lawsuit is a legal claim filed by people who took Zantac with NDMA-contaminated ranitidine and later developed cancer. In August 2022, generic manufacturers agreed to a more than $500,000 Zantac settlement a week before the first lawsuit was set to go to trial.

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Hernia Mesh

A hernia is a clinical syndrome in which part of an internal organ or part of the body becomes displaced and extends through an opening in the bodily wall that previously contained it. Typically, this process involves a part of the intestine that protrudes through a weak point in the abdominal wall. Hernias can be divided into ventral abdominal hernias, inguinal hernias, hiatal hernias, and femoral hernias.

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