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About us

Drug Lawsuit Attorneys is a US based agency and advocates for the injured. With over 20 years’ experience, we connect injured victims with the Top Litigating Mass Tort Attorneys who are at the forefront of all Mass Tort cases.

If you have suffered injuries, loss, or damage due to the negligence or willful acts of other, contact Drug LawSuit Attorneys today. Our lawyers are highly experienced and confident in their knowledge and ability to win the case for you.


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  • How Does a Mass Tort Claim Work?

    A mass tort lawsuit varies from a typical class action claim. In a mass tort claim, the victims injured due to the company’s negligence may have widely different stories and injuries resulting from their use of that company’s products or services. Most often, mass tort claims involve pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and other types of negligence like the drinking water at Camp Lejeune.

    In a mass tort claim, unlike a class-action lawsuit, one plaintiff does not represent all of the plaintiffs in the claim. Most often, each plaintiff can file a personal injury claim alone, but all plaintiffs get moved together as part of one mass tort claim, usually due to wide-scale injuries. Frequently, those injuries occur, not due to deliberate action on the part of the defendants, but rather due to accidental negligence—a medical device that causes unexpected harm, for example, or a drug causes unexpected cancer etc.

    A mass tort claim consolidates the claims, but it does not eliminate the individual right that each victim has to compensation. While the claimants may get processed together, each one will have their claim processed on the grounds of his losses. The plaintiffs may have attorneys to fight for fair compensation.

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