April 11, 2013

Transvaginal Mesh News

Transvaginal Mesh

Revision Surgeries May fail to Restore Patient’s Health

Due to the defective design of many of the transvaginal mesh devices, many women have been forced to undergo multiple corrective surgeries to remove the device. The repairs though have often left the patients worse off than they were before the mesh was implanted.

The findings of the restorative surgeries were presented at the International Continence Society’s 2012 annual meeting showed that even though the revision surgeries may ease the complications of the implant, they do not restore a woman’s health.

Complications of Transvaginal Mesh

The most common complaints the recipients of transvaginal mesh recipients have reported to their doctors and the FDA are:

  • Erosion into the bladder or urethra
  • Urethra-vaginal fistulas
  • Pelvic pain and painful urination
  • Vaginal extrusion

The most painful complications are extrusion of the mesh or erosion of the mesh into nearby tissues. Extrusion and erosion often develop shortly after the surgery. Delayed complications are possible if the body rejects less-porous materials when the mesh is attached to a mobile structure in the body, rather than bone.

Extrusion and erosion of the transvaginal mesh can be debilitating. Women who suffer such excruciating pain may not be able to work, walk, or have sexual intercourse.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

As a result of the complications women have experienced due to transvaginal mesh repair, a growing number of women are filing lawsuits to help cover costs of lost wages, permanent injuries, and to help pay for their medical expenses. At present, there are six consolidated actions for the federal lawsuits involving devices from, Boston Scientific, Bard, Mentor, Coloplast, Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson), and American Medical Systems. A couple in California recently won the first transvaginal mesh state lawsuit to go to trial. The jury found the manufacturer C.R. Bard and the woman’s doctor at fault and awarded the couple $5.5 million dollars.



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